MVVM Entity Framework

“I should get into MVVM”, this is what I said in one of my previous blog post.
Now after a while I decided to port/change a (big) project I’m doing to MVVM (#YOLO).

Now I really want to share some experiences. Like my previous project I used Entity Framework 6.
This time I’ll use SQL rather than SQLite (in code it’s exactly the same). And again I made use of a CollectionViewSource for my DataGrid.

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Entity framework Data Validation

So it’s been a while since I posted something on my blog.
The main reason is because I was on holiday. But know I’m back, I just need to write something 🙂

I’m still experimenting with Entity Framework for a project I’m doing.
And today I want to share a basis concept about data validation.
Again I’ll keep it very straight forwarded. In my search to learn about EF, I find a lot but mostly the examples I find are to difficult or to big for me.

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Scoreboard Gitok

My first post about embedded is an old project. In my last year of highschool (2012 – 2013) we had to make a scoreboard for the gym in our school (Gitok). We did this project with the whole class (6TEE). The members involved were Matthias, Steven, Nick, Kristof, Stijn and me! We worked in groups of two people. Every group had another task

Matthias and Steven: (Embedded): The actual control of the displays
Nick and Kirstof: (Hardware) The frame, displays, safetyglass, …
Stijn and me: (Software) We had to make the control system.

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