“Big Data” Entity Framework 6

Today I’m going to write about handling much data in Entity Framework. On 3/12/2015 I did my first hackathon (Hack The Future @ Antwerp). We had to process a SQL database with 1 000 000 records.

I never had any experience in handling so much data. We are going to use WPF, MVVM and Entity Framework 6 DB First!

First, Hack The Future was an amazing event, I learnt a lot and had some good talks with professionals. For more thank you’s look at the bottom of my post 🙂

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MVVM Entity Framework

“I should get into MVVM”, this is what I said in one of my previous blog post.
Now after a while I decided to port/change a (big) project I’m doing to MVVM (#YOLO).

Now I really want to share some experiences. Like my previous project I used Entity Framework 6.
This time I’ll use SQL rather than SQLite (in code it’s exactly the same). And again I made use of a CollectionViewSource for my DataGrid.

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Entity framework Data Validation

So it’s been a while since I posted something on my blog.
The main reason is because I was on holiday. But know I’m back, I just need to write something 🙂

I’m still experimenting with Entity Framework for a project I’m doing.
And today I want to share a basis concept about data validation.
Again I’ll keep it very straight forwarded. In my search to learn about EF, I find a lot but mostly the examples I find are to difficult or to big for me.

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SQLite EntityFramework 6 Tutorial


UPDATE 13/10/2015/
I made another post about MVVM and EntityFramework. After reading this, you should really check that one out!
It’s really worth it to use MVVM 🙂
Link to another post: Click Here

I’ll explain the basics to get SQLite working with EntityFramework 6. It’s a straight forwarded tutorial / explanation. I will not tell you everything about EF (there are a lot of tuturials on the web). Instead I’ll show you the most basic example to get EF working with SQLite, after all it wasn’t that easy!

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