Peugeot 307 Tablet

This time I want to share some experience that I had when I installed my tablet as navigation system in my car.

Before I started searching for a car, I already decided to build in a tablet.
It can be used as navigation device, music, movies, …
My original goal was to buy a Nexus 7 from Google.

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Scoreboard Gitok

My first post about embedded is an old project. In my last year of highschool (2012 – 2013) we had to make a scoreboard for the gym in our school (Gitok). We did this project with the whole class (6TEE). The members involved were Matthias, Steven, Nick, Kristof, Stijn and me! We worked in groups of two people. Every group had another task

Matthias and Steven: (Embedded): The actual control of the displays
Nick and Kirstof: (Hardware) The frame, displays, safetyglass, …
Stijn and me: (Software) We had to make the control system.

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