Peugeot 307 Tablet

This time I want to share some experience that I had when I installed my tablet as navigation system in my car.

Before I started searching for a car, I already decided to build in a tablet.
It can be used as navigation device, music, movies, …
My original goal was to buy a Nexus 7 from Google.

I almost bought one, but than I founded a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7″ for only €75.
For this price I could’t leave it 🙂

So my car is a Peugeot 307. I have the stock radio. I have the pre 2005 version of the car, the one with a VAN network. The one after the face-lift uses a CAN network. It doesn’t support AUX, USB or Bluetooth. A friend of mine had the same car and he installed a CD changer converter.
This module used the connection for the cd changer. It actually emulates a cd changer. This means when you use the USB / SD card on the module your limited to 6 times 99 songs.
I bought mine on eBay, just search for YATOUR and than your car or radio number.
In my case for the Peugeot 307 (VAN) it was RD-3.
This module adds AUX, USB and SD to my system. I can also easily control the songs with the buttons on my steering wheel.

The module also has a connector to add the Bluetooth module of YATOUR. This adds the possibility to call hands free!

The radio had to be moved to my glove compartment. A friend of mine made the cables for the radio longer so it was possible to move the radio (Thanks Nick den Ridder).
Now I had lots of space in my car to place the tablet.

Car radio in glove compartment

Now for the tablet? The tablet came with a book cover.
I removed the front of the book cover, so I only kept the hard back cover!

I took the lid of a ice cream box, and strengthened it with some hard plastic (I used glue). And last I glued the cover of the tablet lid. The lid was the perfect size to get into my car dashboard. There is no space between the tablet cover and the console of the car.

Of course I rooted the tablet and it now runs CM11. I use CoPilot premium as GPS application.
It has much options. But the UI is getting a bit old (HERE is also a nice app).

And as music player I use Rocket Player, it has big buttons so it’s easy to control in the car. A real recommendation. (Not only for tablet use, also for phone a good music player).

But the most important application I use is Tablet Talk.
It’s an app that shows my messages (sms) from my phone on my tablet through Bluetooth. Now it’s easy to see who sent a message to me. It’s also possible to answer the message on the tablet. (Phone will stills send the message).

This is also possible with calls. Now I can see who calls me. If I paired my phone with bluetooth to my car audo (bluetooth module of YATOUR) I can use my steering wheel buttons to answer the call or to hang up.

It’s also possible to connect the microphone to the bluetooth module. I placed mine in the ashtray. I drilled a hole in it the get the microphone trough it.
Now I can speak trough it and I’m able to hear the the caller trough my car speakers. A real handsfree set 🙂

So this was a little project in my car 🙂

Next post is going to be about MVVM pattern in C#
In combination with Entityframework and CollectionViewSource

Hope you enjoyed reading it!

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